Our Approach To Fitness

With years of experience in fitness, we understand what you need to create a dynamic and engaging training session. Our programs are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle and interests in order to keep you from the boredom that often comes from doing the same fitness session time and again. Most of our clients have already tried the traditional fitness club atmosphere and stopped going after a few visits. Many fitness clubs are crowded, intimidating, and completely lacking in the personal attention you need to continue your journey towards a lifetime of health and fitness. In our one on one environment will understand your personal fitness goals and work with you on all aspects of improving your body composition, strength, agility, and nutrition.

Fitness Evaluations

Each program begins with a complete assessment of your current physical condition in order to establish a baseline for your future enhancements. Each fitness evaluation is comprised of:

  • Complete body circumference measurements
  • Musco-skeletal strength testing
  • Blood pressure check
  • VO2 Max
  • Body composition analysis

Your personal assessment is combined with an in depth report to show you where you are and to help you gauge your improvement throughout your training. Your personal trainer will schedule these assessments in regular intervals so you can see your fitness levels escalate over time.

In Depth Fitness Report

Nutritional Counselling

Targeted Programs

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