All programs include one on one fitness assessments and nutritional support to ensure your success. Your fitness trainer is focused on your needs and goals on a one to one appointment only basis to guarantee your long-term success.

Corporate and Executive Fitness

Studies show that for every $1 spent in wellness programs there is a $4.30 return in profits. By helping your employees improve their fitness, your business can improve its bottom line.

Weight Loss Training

Designed to kick start your metabolism and get you on the path to a fit lifestyle. Including targeted cardiovascular training to help enhance your heart health this program provides regular monitoring in order to ensure success.

Specific Packages

Buff Brides & Gorgeous Grooms

  • 12 week intensive program
  • Trouble area focus
  • Lifestyle diet training

Corporate & Executive Fitness

  • Stress Management
  • Endurance training
  • Team building
  • Balancing travel and fitness

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Strength training

Post Physio Recovery

  • Designed to bring back overall fitness after accidents, heart attacks etc.
  • Focused muscle balance training
  • Overall strength and agility training

Weight Loss

  • Focused strength training
  • Tiered cardio fitness regime
  • Focused nutritional program


  • Controlled exercise to counteract bone loss
  • Enhanced heart health
  • Agility and coordination training

Teen Training

  • Fitness for stress management
  • Growth directed exercises
  • Enhanced self esteem
  • Full nutritional education

Sport Specific Training

  • Counteract overuse injuries
  • Improve mechanical efficiency
  • Balance muscle tone Strength and Power Training
  • Targeted muscle training
  • Focused diet and nutrition plan
  • Show preparation and critiques
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